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Side Effects of Piriton Syrup

By Carole Anne Tomlinson

The active and main ingredient of Piriton syrup -- chlorphenamine maleate -- works by stopping histamine performance. Histamine, a chemical released by defined cells in the body, cause allergic symptoms. These allergic symptoms include feeling itchy, having watery and irritated eyes, a runny and red nose and repeatedly sneezing, says. Piriton is a brand name of chlorphenamine maleate in the United Kingdom and other countries, but the same medication appears under many other brand names in the United States. Side effects concerning piriton syrup may occur, particularly when you first use it.


Dizziness, a common side effect of Piriton syrup, can make you feel as though your head spins or that you feel out of balance, says. Your sense of balance and equilibrium may feel altered. If this happens, stop the use of this medicine and speak to your doctor. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery when you experience this side effect. It could cause an accident. Take care when walking to avoid falling and injuring yourself.

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision could occur as a non-serious side effect of the main ingredient of Piriton syrup, the website NetDoctor reports. You may have difficulty seeing objects close up or far away. Blurry vision indicates that you may need a different type of allergy medicine. Call your doctor if this side effect happens to you and does not cease.

Appetite Decrease

You could lose your appetite when taking this medicine, NetDoctor notes. Foods you eat on a regular basis may not appeal to you. The organization says other gastric disturbances also may occur as side effects of Piriton, including nausea, constipation, vomiting and diarrhea, among others. If any of these side effects occur in a severe form or continue, talk to your doctor.

Dry Mouth and Urination Difficulties

Your mouth may feel drier than usual and you may notice problems trying to urinate when you use Piriton, NetDoctor says. It may feel as though your tongue is sticking to your upper palate. Your bladder may feel overly full, yet you find it difficult to urinate. Drink more fluids and use a lozenge to moisten your mouth. If more fluids don't help you urinate normally, consult your doctor.

Breathing Problems

Piriton may induce problems in your normal respiratory function, such as labored breathing or causing you to produce a high-pitched whistle when exhaling called wheezing. Either of these side effects require medical attention. If you experience shortness of breath or inability to breathe properly, go to the hospital.


Confusion, whether mild or acute, can cause an alarming feeling of fear. Seek medical help if you find yourself suffering from confusion while taking Piriton, says. Go to the hospital by taxi or call a friend to take you. Confusion indicates that a serious side effect of the medication has occurred that needs immediate attention, says.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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