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What Are the Healing Qualities of Red Coral?

By Suzanne S. Wiley

Many metaphysical and religious disciplines consider gems, stones and plants to have special properties that enhance healing or that bring about some sort of change. The color of the item often helps determine the particular issues it affects. Red is often associated with blood and emotions, and the healing properties of red coral are right in line with this. Keep in mind that these uses are relatively anecdotal -- no matter how many texts report them, there are no studies confirming that red coral can heal a health condition.

Mental and Emotional Conditions

Red coral is said to both calm you down and alleviate depression. Coral in general is supposed to change adverse mental and emotional situations, such as nightmares, anger and fear, into more beneficial conditions, including intelligence and bravery. Wicca expert Scott Cunningham writes in “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic” that placing coral under your pillow is supposed to help you sleep peacefully. Red coral also supposedly serves as protection against curses.

Blood and Circulation

Physically, red coral is associated with blood and the circulatory system, menstruation and fertility. explains that it was thought to regulate menstruation, and Cunningham notes red coral was thought to fade during menstruation or if the wearer became ill. He notes that red coral used to predict menstruation was hidden away and would lose power if a man saw the stone.


Red coral has a host of miscellaneous purposes in addition to those dealing with blood. The website Charms of Light notes it may affect hiccups, acid reflux, colic, the parathyroid glands and the urinary tract. Shimmerlings Jewelry assigns bone healing and tissue regeneration to red coral. No history or basis for any of these claims is evident.


Do not use coral or other stones for healing in place of medical care. Stones -- even ones that used to be living creatures -- are meant to help heal you, not completely heal you by themselves. As Cunningham advises, don’t stick a stone on a wound and expect the wound to close and disappear. Get regular medical attention first, and then deal with the stones and whatever ritual you’re supposed to do afterward, as a way to recover more quickly.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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