The Best Sports for Kids Who Have Low Muscle Tone

Muscle tone determines a child’s ability to participate in sports. The central nervous system controls muscle tone by determining the number of times a muscle expands and contracts. If your youngster has low muscle tone, you can help to strengthen his muscles and build his endurance with particular sports activities.

Workout in the Water

Swimming assists with normalizing the muscle tone in children, according to Child’s Play Physiotherapy and Aquatics for Kids. When you are in the water you become weightless, which allows low muscle tone to become less of a hindrance. Additionally, swimming improves gross motor skills, which builds low muscle tone. Children with low muscle tone often lose their balance and fall but swimming assists with this problem; kids who swim build their coordination and maintain their equilibrium better.

Yoga Exercises

Yoga offers advantages to children with low muscle tone. Children with low muscle tone often lack endurance, and yoga allows them to build stamina. It also strengthens the muscle tone in children by elongating the muscles. Children do so by creating mind and muscle awareness throughout their body.

Skate for Fun

Continuous participation in lifestyle sports can improve muscle tone and endurance in children, according to CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research. Competition and team sports can be difficult for children with low muscle tone. Skating allows a child to enjoy the activity, rather than feel overwhelmed by the pressure that may come along with team sports. Additionally, when you skate you use a repetitive motion that can be mastered by a child with low muscle tone.

Ride Around

Horseback riding improves both muscle tone and balance for children. Riding on a horse allows kids to build strength in the core of their body. There are many ways to ride a horse, and children with low muscle tone can even lie down on the horse when they begin riding. CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research says horseback riding allows children with muscle disabilities to learn how to manipulate their bodies, which strengthens their muscles.