Can Olive Leaf Extract Help With Warts?

Warts can be unsightly irritations on various parts of your body. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, warts are small skin growths caused by a viral infection of the skin’s top layer and are generally painless and harmless. The location of the wart can usually determine the type of wart it is. Olive leaf extract may be helpful in treating certain warts; however, it is recommended that you speak with your physician before using olive leaf to treat them.


Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus and are contagious. They can be spread by person-to-person contact and may take up to six months to develop after your exposure to the virus, according to 1. Plantar warts develop on the soles of the feet, usually on the heels or balls of the feet where the most pressure is. Common warts may appear anywhere on the body; however, they are more common on the hands. Genital warts can appear on or near the genital area as well as inside the vagina or anus. Warts that appear on the face or back of the hands are referred to as flat warts. These warts are usually smoother and smaller than other types of warts.

Olive Leaf Extract

The use of olive leaf extract for medicinal purposes began in ancient Egypt long ago. Since then, this herb has been used in fighting infections, lowering blood pressure, arthritis and certain autoimmune disorders. In addition, olive leaf contains antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties that may be helpful in treating certain types of warts.


Olive leaf is available in extract and capsule form. To use this herb for treating warts, the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests taking 250 to 500 mg of standardized olive leaf extract one to three times per day to help immune and antiviral activity. UMMC also advises that a herbal tea may be infused from olive leaf.

Side Effects

Olive leaf extract is not recommended for women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding. This herb may have adverse effects on the efficacy of certain medications and may lead to diarrhea, headaches, rashes and flulike symptoms. In addition, olive leaf extract may have an effect on the blood's ability to clot. It is urged that you speak with a medical professional before using this herb for the treatment of any health condition.