Facts About Kankunis Slimming Tea

Kankunis Herbal Slimming Tea from Diamond Laboratories Inc. contains senna, shiu sen tea and malvae, according to the product label. The Diamond Laboratories official website mentions that Kankunis Herbal Slimming Tea is recommended for relieving constipation, which should alert you to the product's laxative effects. Laxatives are ineffective for losing weight and can be harmful when used on a regular basis.


The instructions for Kankunis Herbal Slimming Tea advise dieters to drink it once a day, preferably at night. Place one tea bag in a cup of hot water and let it steep for 15 minutes before drinking. Do not boil the tea in a teapot. You may add honey or lemon if you like.


Kankunis Herbal Slimming Tea is not produced in the United States and may not be of similar quality as herbal teas made there. Diamond Laboratories Inc. is located in the Philippines, where it is one of the leading medium-sized companies in that country involved in manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical, medical and health products, according to the official website.


The herb senna functions as a stimulant laxative. In fact, it is the main ingredient in Ex-Lax and other over-the-counter laxatives. Laxatives cause only temporary weight loss by emptying waste material and fluid from the colon. They do not move food through the body faster and do not affect the small intestine, where most absorption of calories takes place, notes NetDoctor.

Side Effects

Senna can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Use of stimulant laxatives such as senna for a long time can cause colon damage and laxative dependence, making it difficult to have a bowel movement without taking a laxative. Prolonged diarrhea from overuse of laxatives can cause dehydration and depletion of essential minerals, resulting in muscle weakness and difficulty functioning in everyday life, warns NetDoctor. The Kankunis Herbal Slimming Tea product directions state that excessive intake may cause electrolyte and fluid imbalance.

Additional Ingredients

An additional ingredient in Kankunis Herbal Slimming Tea — malvae or malva — may calm stomach and intestinal irritation, as noted by Natural Healing Guide. No credible information is available on the ingredient called shiu sen tea, but the Kankunis tea may actually contain shui sen tea, a type of green tea. Green tea is commonly included in weight-loss remedies. It contains caffeine, which can boost energy.