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How do I Compare Yaeyama Chlorella to Sun Chlorella?

By Dorian Facey

When you decide to try a supplement, you may be faced with the task of having to choose between a variety of brands. Chlorella is a fresh water green alga with the highest chlorophyll content found in any plant, and you will find it in both the Sun Chlorella and Yaeyama Chlorella brands. In comparing the two, parameters such as how they are produced, the available forms of the product, and what they contain may interest you.

Chlorella and Your Body

Before you choose your chlorella brand, you must understand that chlorella, in its native form, cannot be broken down by the human digestive tract, and you will not be able access any nutrient locked inside. The single celled organism has a very strong cell wall and can only be digested by humans if the cell wall is broken. Although they use different methods, both Sun Chlorella and Yaeyama Chlorella report that they have broken the cell walls of their product, thus providing a digestible form of chlorella.

Battling the Chlorella Cell Wall

Sun Chlorella claims a patented method of pulverizing the chlorella cell wall. Their DYNO-Mill method is heat and chemical free, and the company contends that this mechanical process achieves 95 to 99 percent pulverization of the cell wall, while retaining the nutritional integrity of the chlorella. Yaeyama makes a digestible form of chlorella by using a spray--drying process.

Buying the Product

Sun Chlorella is available as 200-mg tablets in packages of 300 or 1500 tablets, and 500-mg tablets in packages of 120 or 600 tablets. You can also get Sun Chlorella granules in 20 or 100 packets, each containing 3 g of granules. Yaeyama Chlorella comes in 200-mg tablets, and you can get packages of 300 or 900 tablets. The company also offers a 750-mL chlorella liquid extract.

Recommended Dosage

The Sun Chlorella website suggests 3 g of chlorella per day, while the Yaeyama Chlorella manufacturers say you can take from 2 to 8 g per day in tablets, or 25 mL per day of liquid extract. One 2001 clinical trial reviewed in “Alternative Therapies” had successful results treating subjects with high cholesterol with 10 g of Sun chlorella tablets daily, along with a liquid chlorella extract.


Personal preference may play a role in which brand you choose in light of the number of tablets you have to take to get the recommended dosage put forward by the two companies. To get Sun Chlorella’s 3 g, you will need to take 15 tablets at 200 mg each, or 6 tablets if you buy the 500-mg concentration. You will need 10 to 40 tablets per day to get Yaeyema Chlorella’s 2 to 8 g. If you prefer a quick drink, then you may go for Yeayama Chlorella’s liquid extract.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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