How to Dissolve Spirulina Protein Powder

Spirulina can come in the form of a pill or in a powder that can be dissolved in water, juice, milk or any other type of liquid, including soup stalks. It is a protein-rich blue-green algae that is also high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants called carotenoids, notes the University of Maryland Medical Center 1. Some of the most important vitamins spirulina contains are those in the B complex, which can serve as a supplement, especially if you are vegetarian. It also contains the essential fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid, which according to the American Cancer Society holds the promise to treat certain types of cancer cells, although further studies are still required 2.

Determine how much spirulina protein powder you want to add to your liquid, measure out the amount with a serving spoon and add it to an empty glass.

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Add the liquid slowly, so that it coats the spirulina protein powder. Use a spoon to stir it as you are pouring the liquid. Warm liquids tend to dissolve it faster than cold liquids.

Stir even faster once you have poured at least half of the liquid and don’t add the rest until the liquid has changed color, generally to green if the liquid was clear, and you can see no granules floating at the top. It is useful to do this in a clear glass where you can also see the bottom, to check if some spirulina protein powder has gotten stuck on the bottom edges of the glass. Otherwise scrape the bottom perimeter with your spoon or better yet, a chopstick that is straight and firm.


If you are using a blender to make a smoothie and you want to add your spirulina protein powder as a boost and for flavor, you can either dissolve the powder as described with some of the juice, milk or water you will use to make your smoothie, or add all your ingredients to the blender and turn it on. Add spirulina protein powder through the top hole that most blenders have, while it is still running. The blender will mix the powder with the rest of your ingredients and dissolve it.


It is unknown if spirulina should be given to children, so consult your pediatrician before incorporating it into your child’s diet or to yours if you are breastfeeding.