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Wrinkles in Neck Skin

By Holly L. Roberts ; Updated July 18, 2017

If you're worried that wrinkles on your neck will mean a lifetime of wearing turtlenecks, you can relax. Understanding how wrinkles are formed and what you can do to minimize their appearance will help prevent neck wrinkles from making you look older than you want to. And if you've been bypassing your neck during your daily skincare regimen, now's a good time to start including your neck in your everyday cleansing and moisturizing.

Causes of Wrinkled Skin

Your sensitive neck skin may be prone to wrinkles for several reasons. Age, of course, is a major factor in all your wrinkles, including the ones on your neck, explains CNN Health. Years of sun exposure can also contribute to wrinkles on your neck. If you smoke, you may also be more likely to develop wrinkles, according to CNN Health.

Know the Basics

Wrinkles form when your skin's connective tissue and the fat stores beneath it start to deteriorate, causing gaps to form where damage has occurred, explains CNN Health. The top layer of your skin sags into these gaps, creating wrinkles. If your skin is dry because of age-related oil production slowdown or lifestyle-related damage, your wrinkles become even more noticeable. Since the skin on your neck is thin and delicate, it may be more prone to wrinkles than areas of your body with sturdier skin.

Wrinkles and Aging

Wrinkles on your neck aren't dangerous, but they can make you look older. If you're concerned about your appearance, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist who can evaluate your skin and make a recommendation for treatment. If your wrinkles are accompanied by dark spots, ask a dermatologist to make sure they're not cancerous.

Powerful Prevention Techniques

The single most effective way to prevent wrinkles on your neck is to make sure you include your neck and chest in your daily sunscreen regimen. Your neck is especially sensitive to sun damage, which can cause discoloration and sagging skin as well as wrinkles. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher every day to help fight the appearance of wrinkles.

Streamline Your Skincare

To make existing wrinkles in your neck less noticeable, you'll need a two-pronged approach, says Leslie Baumann, director of cosmetic dermatology at the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami, in "Good Housekeeping" magazine. Use prescription-strength retinoid cream at night to stimulate collagen production and cellular turnover, and use an antioxidant-rich daytime moisturizer to boost hydration and plump up skin cells so that they're less prone to sagging. If you need more serious intervention, laser treatments can reduce the appearance of neck wrinkles for some people.

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