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How Many Calories Are Burned if Heart Rate is 130 for 60 Minutes?

By Patrick Hutchison

Good cardiovascular exercise improves your stamina and burns calories. With a simple equation, you can find out how many calories you burn using information about your heart rate, age, gender, weight and exercise duration.


Enter your weight in pounds and your age in years to the equation below, from, that includes a heart rate value of 130 beats per minute and is configured for 60 minutes of exercise.

Females: [[(-20.4022 + (.4472 x 130) + (.278 x Weight) + (.074 x Age)] / 4.184] x 60

Males: [[(-55.0969 + (.6309 x 130) + (.438 x Weight) + (.2017 x Age)] / 4.184] x 60


An equation based on heart rate, age, weight and gender alone can provide a close approximation of the number of calories you burn, but it does not account for variables like fitness level. Depending on your own fitness level, you may burn more or fewer calories than what the equation above concludes.

Target Heart Rate

The American Heart Association recommends cardiovascular exercise that utilizes your target heart rate. Your target heart rate is 50 to 75 percent of your maximum heart rate. Your maximum heart rate is equal to 220 minus your age. Exercise in your target heart rate range to maximize calories burned and get the most out of your exercise routine.

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