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How Many Calories Are in Ranch Salad Dressing?

By Melodie Anne

The more fat that’s in ranch dressing, the more calories you’ll add to your meal. Regular ranch has upward of 75 percent more calories than its fat-free counterpart. No matter which type you prefer, measure it out instead of free pouring from the bottle. Even fat-free ranch dressing can be high in calories if you overindulge.

Calories in Different Types

If you’re the one who piles regular ranch salad dressing on anything you’re eating, be aware that you’re getting nearly 65 calories per tablespoon. You’ll cut those calories by more than half if you opt for the reduced-fat variety instead. One tablespoon of reduced-fat ranch contains less than 30 calories. Of course if you’re really monitoring your calories, you’ll want to stick to a fat-free ranch dressing. You’ll get fewer than 20 calories from a tablespoon of fat-free ranch.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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