How Many Calories Does a Sausage Biscuit Have?

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A sausage biscuit is a commonly consumed breakfast product across the United States. They are found in fast food restaurants or easily made in the kitchen at home. The calories in the sausage biscuit are dictated by the calorie content of the sausage and the biscuit.


One serving size of a sausage biscuit is 111 grams. The 111 g serving contains 412 total calories. There are 243 calories from fat, 44 calories from protein and 125 calories from carbohydrates.


There are 8 g of saturated fat and 904 mg of sodium per serving. Other nutrients include 2.06 mg of iron, 379 mg of phosphorus, .43 mg of thiamin and 3.82 mg of riboflavin per serving. These nutrients are important for proper function of the body.


The saturated fat and sodium content of one sausage biscuit is extremely high. The American Heart Association recommends that your diet contain fewer than 1,500 mg of sodium per day. The sausage biscuit has over half of this amount. recommends limiting saturated fat intake to 15 g per day; the sausage biscuit contains over 50 percent of this recommendation. You can improve the nutritional value of a sausage biscuit by exchanging the pork sausage for a lean turkey sausage. This would significantly reduce the amount of calories from fat and the number of grams of saturated fat per serving.