White Iodine for Nails

Doctors often examine your nails during a physical exam to determine your health. Your nails indicate whether you are receiving the proper amount of nutrients. One item doctors look at is the weakness and pliability of the nails. If you suffer from weak nails, you can naturally strengthen them by applying white iodine. It is best to consult a doctor before trying a home remedy.

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White Iodine

According to Medical Discoveries, white iodine is part of the halogen element family. White iodine is colorless and serves many uses. For example, around the house it treats cuts and disinfects wounds. It can also be used to treat thyroid cancer and put in baking products such as bread. Eating fish provides you with the appropriate amount of iodine in your diet.


Nails consist of a protein called keratin. The keratin starts growing under your cuticle, and then as your nail grows the old cells move out until a complete nail forms. A healthy nail is clear and smooth. It contains no spots or marks, and it grows straight out. Weak, brittle nails tend to not grow long and break easily.


When using white iodine to fortify your nails, begin by applying it once a day for one week. You just need to apply one coat. After the first week, apply white iodine a few times a week. If you notice that your hands begin to dry out, mix the iodine with oil to provide more moisture. The other option is to apply a thick lotion or oil to your hands in between the iodine treatments.


White iodine strengthens the nails, toughening the bond that holds up the nail matrix. Iodine also reduces the breakability of the nail.


The incorrect proportion of white iodine could actually create weaker nails. It is important to apply only one coat of white iodine. Weak nails could mean the sign of infection and might need additional treatment. If the problems persists, consult a doctor.