No Carb Diet Meal Plans

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Following a no-carb diet probably seems more difficult than following a low-carb diet would be, and for good reason: a no-carb diet does not allow you to eat any carbohydrates at all, even non-starchy carbs allowed on a low-carb diet. But it is possible to eat a varied diet and develop meal plans that will satisfy you while avoiding carbs completely.


While many people follow low-carb diets to improve their health or to lose weight, fewer try to eliminate carbs altogether. Doing so eliminates sources of fiber and certain plant-based vitamins, and therefore may not be a healthy choice, according to Vanderbilt University. However, some native Eskimos have eaten such a diet — and thrived on it, according to the August 2002 edition of "Discover" magazine.


To develop a series of no-carb diet meal plans, you should familiarize yourself with the various types of no-carb foods available. You probably know that steak and poultry don't contain any carbs, but you might want to expand into other types of animal protein, such as bison or ostrich. In addition, consider learning new ways of preparing no-carb foods such as eggs, since that will provide some welcome variation in your diet.


For breakfast, many no-carbers choose eggs, which contain virtually no carbohydrates. You can fry your eggs in olive oil or butter, or poach them, seasoning them with salt and pepper. You also can have ham or bacon, provided that the manufacturer didn't add any sugar during the curing process. Check the label under "carbohydrates" to be certain.


For lunch, you might want to consider turkey or another form of poultry, such as duck or Cornish game hen. Prepare your poultry meal with spices such as sage or dill to add variety, and enjoy a deviled egg on the side with olive oil for dressing. Dinner could include a juicy steak or even a bison burger, broiled or fried in olive oil or butter.


Be certain to check with your physician before giving up all carbohydrates as part of your no-carb diet meal plans, since it's possible to become deficient in vitamins and minerals while following a no-carb diet, according to Vanderbilt University. In addition, you almost certainly won't get the daily recommended amount of fiber on your no-carb diet.