Lean Pockets and Weight Loss

Lean Pockets are a low-calorie, reduced-fat option available in the freezer section of your grocery store. Options range from breakfast pocket sandwiches to quesadilla-style sandwiches. If you are following a reduced-calorie diet, Lean Pockets can replace your lunch or dinner, particularly if paired with fruit or a salad.


Lean Pockets offer a convenient and calorie-controlled option for breakfast, lunch or dinner when you are dieting. All varieties of Lean Pockets contain fewer than 360 calories and 9 g of fat, making them suitable for a low-fat and reduced-calorie diet. If you are on Weight Watchers, varieties of Lean Pockets range from 4 to 9 points.


All Lean Pockets are microwavable and easy to eat on-the-go. Flavor choices include:

  • breakfast sandwiches
  • pizza-style pockets
  • sub flavors
  • Mexican-inspired tastes
  • or more gourmet culinary options

All are sealed into a pocket-style sandwich or quesadilla. Most Lean Pockets rely upon a combination of meats and cheese for flavor, but some do contain vegetables. Eight whole-grain varieties are available for added nutrition.


Work Lean Pockets into your weight-loss plan by using them to replace other foods at meals. Avoid snacking on Lean Pockets, and pair them with fresh fruit or vegetables to create a well-rounded meal when possible. Fat and calorie content varies among the types and flavors of Lean Pockets; choose a pocket that fits within your dietary guidelines and appropriate daily calorie targets. If you consume 1500 calories a day and plan on 400 calories for lunch, pair a 300-calorie Lean Pocket with 100 calories of fruits or vegetables and water, tea or a diet soft drink.


While Lean Pockets are not a nutritional powerhouse, they can take the place of costly and high-calorie take-out or fast food. If you are busy and often skip meals, a Lean Pocket can be an easy to-go solution that keeps you eating on schedule and prevents later binges. The convenient crisper box works as a sleeve to carry and eat your Lean Pocket, according to FreezerBurns.com. Try different varieties and flavors to mix up your menu.


If you are on a reduced-sodium or extremely low-fat diet, Lean Pockets may not be an appropriate choice. Lean Pockets are low in calories, but are also low in fiber and nutrients and may not keep you feeling full or satisfied throughout the day. While convenience foods like these can help you to stick to your diet, they are not an appropriate replacement for healthy, well-balanced meals.