The Calories In a Krispy Kreme Doughnut

Krispy Kreme has been making and selling doughnuts since 1937 after Vemon Rudolph brought a secret recipe from a chef in New Orleans. According to Krispy Krème, an original glazed doughnut contains 216 calories and has the fewest calories of all the different varieties the company produces.

Glazed Doughnuts

According to Krispy Kreme, the glazed raspberry doughnut has 307 calories, the chocolate iced glazed doughnut has 270 and the maple flavor iced doughnut has 279 calories. The glazed cruller has 254 calories and the glazed chocolate cake doughnut has 309 calories.

Cream-Filled Doughnuts

The glazed doughnut with crème flavor filling has 309 calories while the chocolate iced doughnut with crème flavor filling has 339 calories and the chocolate iced custard filled version has 307 calories. The cinnamon apple filled one has 269 calories while the powdered blueberry filled one has 307 and the powdered strawberry filled doughnut has 248 calories.

Compared to Other Doughnuts

Compared to other doughnuts, Krispy Kremes are a good choice if you are counting calories. A glazed Dunkin' Donut, for example, has 260 calories, 43 more than Krispy Kreme’s original glazed dougnut.