Yuengling Beer Calories

The Yuengling company's claim to fame is that it is the oldest brewery in America 1. The brewery got its start in Pottsville, Pennsylvania in 1829. Founder David Yuengling died in 1877, but the company continued to grow 1. At present, Yuengling offers a selection of brews, each with a different calorie count 1. Enjoy a beer from time-to-time for special occasions, but don't make the beverage a daily habit as it is not particularly nutritious.

Light Beers

If you are counting calories, Yuengling light and Yuengling light lager are your best options with a little less than 100 calories per 12 ounce serving 1. Yuengling premium and Yuengling lager are the next best with 135 to 140 calories 1.

Dark Beers

Typically, the darker the beer, the more calories it contains. Yuengling's ale has 145 to 150 calories, while the porter and black and tan pack 150 to 155 calories per 12 ounce serving 1.