How to Eat a Pomegranate Fruit

By Nicole Carlin

Fresh pomegranates are juicy and delicious, but they can be difficult to eat. According to Pomegranates.org there is a simple, three-step procedure to obtain the juicy seeds of the fruit. Pomegranates are available from September through to January. The fruit survives for long periods of time at room temperature when kept away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate the pomegranate to store it for even longer periods of time.

  1. Cut off the top of the pomegranate, which is called the crown.

  2. Cut the pomegranate into sections.

  3. Fill a bowl with water and place the sections into the water.

  4. Allow the pomegranate to sit in the water briefly.

  5. Use your fingers to separate the juicy sacs from the skin.

  6. Discard the skin and strain the juice sacs from the water.

  7. Eat the seeds as they are, place them in a fruit salad, pair with yogurt or use in a dessert dish. Alternatively, eat pomegranates seeds with a savory dish or toss them on top of a salad.

  8. Warnings

    Always exercise caution when using a knife.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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