The Best Snacks for Chemo Patients

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Good nutrition is crucial, especially if you're undergoing cancer treatment. Once treatment starts, a nutritious diet can help you maintain strength and rebuild tissue. The best snacks are those that are nutritious and that you can tolerate without putting additional stress on your body. It's not uncommon to experience eating issues such as appetite loss, lactose intolerance and changes in taste and smell. Talk to your doctor or dietitian about an individualized meal plan to meet your unique nutritional needs.

Snack Ideas

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Your body usually needs extra calories and protein during cancer treatment. Choose protein-rich, low-fat snacks. You can combine mixed fruit with low-fat string cheese for a nutritious snack. Keep hard-boiled eggs in your fridge to snack on, recommends the American Cancer Society. You can enjoy hard-boiled eggs by themselves or add them to a small salad. Low-fat yogurt and fat-free cottage cheese other high protein options. Nuts and seeds make good snacks as well. You can have a handful or add them to yogurt or salads. Try blending your favorite frozen fruit with soy or almond milk for a tasty smoothie.