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Facts About Taking Magna Rx

By Edie Grace ; Updated August 14, 2017

If you have ever received a spam email or watched late-night infomercials, you will be very familiar with the multitude of products that claim to increase penis size and sexual performance. Male performance tablets and devices are all over the Internet--a quick search will call up a huge number of results. However, most--if not all--of these are unproven and untested. If you have concerns about your size or libido, consult a doctor instead.

Claims and Use

According to Janet Lever, David A. Frederick and Letitia Anne Peplau of UCLA, Magna Rx promises to increase penis size over 60 days. The manufacturers also include testimonials, apparently from customers, that claim their sex lives were improved by these tablets. The manufacturers recommend two tablets per serving.

Main Ingredients

The three main ingredients of Magna Rx are pygeum, maca and horny goat weed. Pygeum comes from an African tree found in the highland mountain forests of Africa and Madagascar. Maca comes from the Andes in Peru and has been used by locals, including the Incas, for 2000 years. Horny goat weed is found in China, Japan and the Himalayas and, according to Chinese folklore, has aphrodisiac qualities.

Side Effects

Magna Rx and its ingredients are not well-studied and do not have FDA approval. According to Healthwise, maca may cause goiter if taken with a low-iodine diet, but there is not enough study available to definitely determine this. Horny goat weed should never be taken with prescribed impotence medications, as its interaction with these has not been studied. One study about pygeum and its efficacy published for the "Cochrane Collaboration" is encouraging. Researchers found that, for the treatment of an enlarged prostate or urinary problems, pygeum had less side effects than some traditional medications.


Herbal products and natural remedies are not subject to Food and Drug Administration trials and testing. Magna Rx has not been approved for medical use. The herbal ingredients could have any number of side effects if taken with other medications. There have not been enough clinical studies to confirm their effectiveness, identify all side effects or determine long-term results.


Erection difficulties and size concerns are very common in men. If you are concerned about your performance or size, you are not alone. There is no one standard size that will fulfill a partner. Size concerns matter more to men than women--according to Janet Lever, David A. Frederick and Letitia Anne Peplau of UCLA, 85 percent of women reported they were satisfied with their partner's size, while only 55 percent of men were satisfied with their own size. MedlinePlus, the government's health library, recommends if you have difficulty with maintaining an erection any more than 25 percent of the time, you should see your doctor to eliminate any underlying conditions, disorders or problems.

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