Sam's Club Sheet Cake Nutrition

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Sam’s Club is a type of discount store that requires an annual fee for members to take advantage of low prices. Sam’s Club makes sheet cakes for special occasions at their full-service bakeries. You can order the size of cake you need in white, chocolate, yellow or marble flavors. Sam's Club sheet cakes are also available with traditional buttercream icing; chocolate fudge or whipped icing in white or chocolate.


One 2-by-2 sheet cake from Sam’s Club contains 220 calories, which comes from the ingredients used to make the cake and the elements of buttercream frosting. Although a serving of cake will provide extra calories for energy, it may not add many other nutrients you need for your diet.


One serving of a 2-by-2 sheet cake contains 30 g of carbohydrates and 24 g of sugar. Because the sugar found in a sheet cake comes from refined sugar rather than starch, the carbohydrates are considered to be simple carbohydrates, according to the Nemours Foundation. Simple carbohydrates break down more quickly during digestion, so you will feel hungry again sooner after eating a piece of sheet cake.


One serving of Sam's Club sheet cake contains 11 g of fat. Fat may raise your levels of LDL cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease. Trans fats also raise your levels of LDL cholesterol while lowering HDL cholesterol, which is the cholesterol you want to maintain. The fat in sheet cake comes from components such as oil and egg, as well as the ingredients found in buttercream frosting.


Although a piece of sheet cake offers low nutritional value beyond fat and calories, a small amount of other nutrients are present in a serving. A 2-by-2 sheet cake from Sam’s Club contains 2 g of protein and 118 mg of sodium -- important for strengthening your immune system and maintaining fluid balance in the body's cells.


Because Sam's Club sheet cakes are made in a variety of flavors, nutritional factors may vary, depending on what type you order. For example, Sam's Club makes special-order sheet cakes with your choice of strawberry, raspberry or Bavarian creme filling. Consider that a slice of chocolate cake containing Bavarian creme filling, covered in buttercream icing contains a different amount of fat and calories than the same size sheet cake without filling.