Calories Burned Using the Tony Little Gazelle Machine

ind3000/iStock/Getty Images

The Tony Little Gazelle is marketed as an effective home exercise machine. The ever-changing lineup of Gazelle models and Tony Little's over-the-top enthusiasm might make those claims seem too good to be true -- but the Gazelle does provide indisputable calorie-burning benefits.

Calories Burned

According to the activity burn tool, if you weigh 200 lbs, you'll burn 573 calories in an hour of light use on the Gazelle glider, and more than 1,300 calories with a very vigorous workout. Lighter users will burn fewer calories, and heavier users will burn more.

Calorie Counting Computer

Some models of the Gazelle come with a rudimentary digital console that estimates how many calories you've burned. But because this console can't take into account the many factors that affect your calorie burn -- including your weight, body composition and workout intensity -- you should treat this number as only a rough estimate.

Potential Problem

Although the Tony Little Gazelle might offer a challenging cardio workout when you first start out, you will build strength and endurance quickly. You might find that over the long term the Gazelle doesn't offer enough resistance to keep you challenged and interested.