Calorie Count for Doughnuts

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Loaded with calories, fat and sugar, doughnuts are not exactly light breakfast fare. If you're watching your calories but still can't shake the doughnut craving, opt for a mini version; these have about one-fifth the calories of full-sized doughnuts. Better yet, skip the doughnuts and choose oatmeal or an egg-white omelet with veggies.

Calorie Content

The lowest-calorie doughnut is the jelly-filled variety, which has 289 calories per 3.5- by 2.5-inch oval. That works out to 96 calories per ounce. A plain doughnut with no frosting or sugar coating has about 297 calories per 4-inch round, or 119 calories per ounce. The count goes up from here: A chocolate frosted doughnut has 303 calories, or 128 calories per ounce, and any sprinkles or nuts will only add calories.