How to Make a Weight Watchers Points Sliding Calculator

The Weight Watchers program is a method for weight loss. Weight Watchers uses a point system to track the amount of food you eat each day. The point system is used instead of counting calories to make meal planning easier. You can make your own Weight Watchers point calculator by using a mathematical equation to help monitor how much you eat. Use your Weight Watchers point calculator with healthy food choices to aid in weight loss.

Open an Excel spreadsheet to create an equation that will automatically calculate your points. Label the first cell in each column by the following categories: food under column A, calories under B, fiber under C, fat under D and Weight Watchers points under column E.

Place the formula to calculate points under the Weight Watchers category. Highlight the entire column. Enter =B2/50-(C2_0.2)+(D2_0.08) to automatically calculate your point totals under the Weight Watchers column. Use this formula to develop a point list for your foods.

Download a Weight Watchers point recommendation chart. Choose your goal weight to see how many points you need per day to lose weight.

Carry a copy of your spreadsheet with you when dining out. Use the formula to calculate point values for all of your foods.


Download a free Weight Watchers point recommendations chart from websites such as or