What Teas Are You Supposed to Drink on the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet refers to an experimental eating plan that significantly decreases your caloric intake. Due to the restriction of 500 calories per day, the HCG diet discourages exercise. According to Every Diet, a study conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, says the HCG diet is an ineffective method for healthy weight loss. The HCG diet recommends consuming lean meats as well as varieties of hot and cold tea.

Chai Tea

Chai refers to a type of tea that combines both sweet and spicy flavors 1. According to Chai-Tea, chai tea has been a popular drink in India for centuries and often includes such spices as cardamom, ginger, pepper and cloves 1. Chai acts as a soothing agent as well as a natural way to regulate your digestive system. Chai tea remains a simple yet satisfying drink to make that requires little more than a cup of boiling water and a tea bag 1. Add a little sweetness to your chai tea by adding one packet of calorie-free sweetener 1. According to IHP Weight Loss, the HCG diet allows you to add 1 tbsp. of milk to your chai tea 1. The 1 tbsp. of milk will act as your HCG recommended daily serving of dairy. If you prefer your tea cold, pour your spiced chai tea into a glass filled with ice cubes 1.

Green Tea

Organic green tea acts as another acceptable drink option under the HCG diet. Green tea combines the citrus flavors of lime and lemon. According to HCG Diet Journey, consuming green tea on a daily basis can increase your metabolism. Drinking green tea can also help regulate your levels of glucose. Consuming green tea between meals of lean meats and raw vegetables will help suppress your appetite. Drink three to five cups of green tea for each day of your HCG diet. Add a small amount of calorie-free sweetener or 1 tbsp. of milk. Remember to limit yourself to one serving of dairy each day. Add ice cubes to make chilled green tea beverage.

Oolong Tea

Oolong combines various flavors and remains a prominent tea in Eastern cultures. According to HCG Diet Journey, the contents of oolong tea help burn fat while blocking the amount of dietary fat your body absorbs. Taiwanese oolong tea has a smooth taste with a hint of sweet almonds. Chinese oolong tea has a sweet flavor that mixes honey with the earthy flavor of burdock root. Oolong tea bags are commonly soaked in boiling water. However, you may use ice cubes to create your own signature oolong tea.