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Health Benefits of Goji Berry Juice

Goji berries have been cultivated in Asia for 600 years 3. Throughout history they have been referred to as “red diamonds” because of the amazing health benefits associated with them. The juice is touted as a "superfruit," with claims of reducing stress, increasing weight loss, clarifying the mind and even avoiding cancers and other debilitating illnesses.


Antioxidants are key elements in preventing damage of our cells by free radicals, or polluting molecules in our bodies. The total antioxidant power of goji berries, according to ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) tests used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is about 10 times that of blueberries; one of the highest levels in the food world 3.

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Including the juice of this berry in your daily diet is a powerful way to concentrate your efforts towards a healthy immune system. Plus, antioxidants can slow the process of aging, and help the body to make repairs.


Goji berries have a high concentration of nutrients per ounce compared to other foods 3. They are a rich source of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and E; minerals, including calcium, potassium, selenium and zinc; many amino acids, protein and fiber.

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“It may be that combinations of nutrients found in foods have greater protective effects than each nutrient taken alone," said Guohua (Howard) Cao, a physician and chemist who developed the ORAC assay. Because of all the elements in a goji berry and its concentrated juice, it is considered a nutrient-dense food.

Side Effects

As with any concentrated supplement, too much can have a laxative effect. Take care when introducing it in your diet.