Claroxan Side Effects

The loss of vision is a common problem and is not necessarily related to any particular disease or cellular disorder. The degeneration of the macular tissue of the eyes can be due to aging as well as certain environmental conditions that may have a negative effect on visionary capabilities, including air pollution, the presence of household chemicals and airborne elements that act as allergens on the ocular organs.

Causes of Vision Loss

One of the reasons for loss of vision is the decrease of the integrity of the macula, an area of the retina in the eye that is involved with focus and light absorption. One of the main organic elements that support the function of the retina is lutein, a naturally occurring carotenoid. Lutein is used by the retina to absorb blue light and ultraviolet rays from sunlight, which are critical in depth perception and other vision functions.

What is Claroxan?

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The ingredients in Claroxan include a bilberry extract. Bilberry has been used for many years for eyesight improvement, including its use during World War II by pilots to improve night vision. An elderberry extract is also present in Claroxan, which provides zeaxanthin, a similar xanthophyll to lutein. These xanthophylls are antioxidants that are reported to be helpful in fighting free radicals that cause degeneration of the macular tissue as well as photoreceptors in the retina.

Other Ingredients

Claroxan also contains the vitamins A, C and E, which have been reported to be beneficial to certain ocular characteristics. Beta-carotene is also present in Claroxan as are other bio-flavonoids that support the integrity and function of the eyes. Lycium berry (another source of zeaxanthin), glutathione and gingko biloba are other ingredients found in Claroxan that have been reported to be supportive to ocular health. Ginko biloba specifically promotes better circulation to optic nerves.

Side Effects

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Currently, there are no known studies that have been conducted into the side effects of using Claroxan. In general, however, maintaining the correct balance of nutrients in the body, including vitamins and minerals, is essential to good health. Any overabundance of a nutrient may have some adverse side effects, although the body generally discards any excesses of vitamins and minerals that it does not use.

Beta-carotene Side Effects

One possible side effect of the use of Claroxan may be related to the presence of beta-carotene in one of the formulas that the manufacturer has developed. There have been studies that indicate a correlation between the use of beta-carotene supplements and the ineffectiveness of lung cancer treatments. While these studies are considered to be conclusive, individual factors that may affect the body’s use of beta-carotene are to be considered before any conclusion is to be reached on this matter.