The Advantages of Water Consumption

You should be drinking at least 8 glasses containing 8 oz. of water a day. If you are in a hot climate or engaging in physical activity you will have to drink enough water to compensate for the extra water lost. When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated and the negative effects have begun to set in. Carry water with you and drink it with meals and in between meals to ensure you consume enough water to glean the advantages.

Body Functioning

According to the Family, water consumption is required to keep all your cells, tissues and organs functioning properly. You must remain hydrated to keep replenishing water that has been lost throughout the day so that your body can have a constant supply of new water to keep functioning.


Many headaches are caused by dehydration. Consuming water regularly will help reduce your chances of experiencing headaches and drinking water can help you overcome a headache when you get one.


Water can provide you with energy and ward of fatigue. One of the symptoms of dehydration is fatigue; therefore, regularly consuming water will help you keep your energy levels up.

Weight Loss

Drinking water regularly can help you lose weight. People often confuse their feelings of thirst for hunger and eat food when their body actually needs water. Drinking water when you feel hungry and then waiting 20 minutes before eating something will either cause you to no longer feel hungry or will reduce your hunger. This reduction in hunger will cause you to eat less and a reduction in calories can result in weight loss. Make sure to drink water with every meal and before eating a meal 2. This will help you feel fuller on less food, which will aid in weight loss.

Toxin Removal

Regularly consuming water helps your body rid itself of harmful nutrients and toxins, notes Water causes your system to flush toxins out more rapidly so that they have a reduced chance of doing harm to your body.

Proper Digestion

Water helps your body properly digest foods and break down the foods you have consumed to glean healthy nutrients 2. Dinking enough water also helps reduce your chances of experiencing constipation, because water consumption helps move your food through your system.

Healthy Skin

Water consumption can help your skin look healthy and young 2. To keep your skin healthy and reduce the chances of wrinkles and dry skin water consumption is essential 2. Proper hydration helps promote healthy hydrated skin.

Healthy Teeth

Drinking water can promote healthy teeth. Water consumption helps clean your teeth by washing and flushing food particles away from your teeth. Also, drinking tap water that contains fluoride can help protect your teeth from cavities.