Is Sinus Trouble Connected to Weather?

Weather causes myriad problems including aches, pains and sinus troubles. Changes in the temperature, air pressure and humidity can leave many feeling under the weather. Go ahead and blame the weather for many sinus ailments.


Weather can bring on sinus problems or make existing sinus problems worse. Barometric changes, humidity, wind, and damp and cold weather can cause or magnify sinus trouble and sinus pain.


Rainy Days & Sinus Pain

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The air cavities around the bones in the nasal passages are where the sinuses are located. When these cavities become clogged or infected the result is a sinus infection or a sinus headache. Changes in the barometric pressure can cause the sinus cavities to sometimes be sluggish in equalizing the air pressure and intensify the pain.


When the barometric pressure falls, so does the amount of oxygen in the air. Blood vessels react by dilating or constricting and the sinus cavity often responds to this change with a sinus headache.


Barometric Pressure & Sinus Problems

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Humidity is another cause of sinus headaches. Moist, dry, cold, or hot air alters water vapors in the atmosphere, and the sinus cavity can become irritated and lead to an infection and sinus headache.


Windy weather carries pollen, allergens, pollutants and other irritants that can infect or inflame the sinus cavities. When irritations and infections occur in the sinuses, headaches, clogged sinuses, and pain are almost certain to follow.

Migraine vrs Sinus

Many people mistake migraine headaches for sinus headaches--both can be attributed to the weather. If fever, coughs, aches, fatigue and distinct pain across the cheeks and the forehead are also present, it is most likely a sinus headaches