Side Effects of Refresh Eye Drops

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Dry eyes can leave your eyes feeling itchy and looking red. The Refresh company offers eye drops to help combat chronic dry eye conditions and encourage your eyes to produce their own tears. When using Refresh eye drops, you may experience potential side effects. However, like most eye drop products, the beneficial effects of eye drops largely outweigh any negative effects, according to the Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Institute at the University of Arkansas.

Contact Lenses

All eye drop products can interact with the performance and accuracy of your contact lenses, warns the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center. Allergan, manufacturer for Refresh, recommends taking out contact lenses before using its eye drop products.


Allergan reports that some users may experience a temporary burning feeling when using Refresh eye drops. The company states that this is the most common side effect experienced by consumers.

Blurred Vision

When you put eye drops in, the liquid coats your eye and can temporarily affect how things look. Allergan advises that you may experience blurred vision while using its product.


Allergan reports that some people may feel itching when using Refresh eye drops. Similarly, you may also feel a light stinging sensation or pain.


Although Refresh eye drops are designed to help alleviate irritation and redness related to dry eye conditions, Allergan reports that its eye drops may cause some redness themselves.