How to Increase Circulation to the Gums

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Increasing gum circulation requires a combination of increased vascular activity and vessel dilation. Increasing the blood flow to the gums will increase the availability of nutrients and oxygen while removing waste from the gum tissue. However, the American Academy of Periodontology warns that increasing circulation to the gums can also intensify the sensitivity of irritations from plaque and food particles.

Gum Stimulation

One way to bring blood flow to the gum area is by stimulation. You can achieve this by massaging your gums. Using your clean fingers, grasp the gum with your thumb and forefinger, and squeeze and release. Many toothbrushes have a device attached at the end that's specifically made for this purpose. It is a 1/2-inch-long soft rubber spike that your rub in a circular fashion around the gum line. Chewing gum is a great way to exercise the mouth and jaw area and increase circulation as well, though a sugar-free gum is the best choice to prevent decay. Increasing your activity level or adding aerobic training to your daily routine will improve circulation throughout your entire body.


Ginger and cayenne are both stimulants that will increase circulation throughout the entire body when consumed, or will work locally by dilating the blood vessels when applied as a poultice to a particular area. Chew on some candied ginger, or chew gum or dried fruit that has been dipped in cayenne powder. Chop fresh ginger, which is available in the produce section of most grocery stores, and apply it directly to the area of concern. Both ginger and cayenne powder are considered safe, but cayenne will feel very hot. If you do not enjoy eating spicy foods, then you will not like putting cayenne into your mouth for a prolonged period of time. The American Cancer Society mentions that ginkgo biloba is also an herb that can increase overall circulation. Gingko biloba is considered safe to use, but it can cause headaches and mild stomach upset.