How Many Calories Are in a Wine Gum?

Wine gums -- a popular British confection invented in the early 20th century -- come in a variety of shapes, colors and fruit-inspired flavors. Although the chewy, gelatin-based candies are marked with words like “Burgundy,” “Champagne,” “claret,” “port” and “sherry,” they don’t actually contain wine.

High in Calories

Like any highly processed food, a wine gum’s caloric content depends on how it’s made. Most products -- including the candy’s original brand, Maynards -- supply right around 90 calories per ounce. Another major brand provides 130 calories per 7-piece serving, which means that a single wine gum contains about 19 calories.

Low in Nutrients

Nutritional Information on Wine Gums

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Wine gums are a fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-sodium candy, but that doesn’t make them wholesome -- they’re also devoid of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Virtually all of their calories come from refined carbohydrates, typically in the form of glucose syrup and sugar. Wine gums may contain artificial flavors and colors, as well.

Portion Control

As with any sweet treat, portion control helps prevent a minor indulgence from becoming a high-calorie sugar rush. You can easily consume an extra 400 to 500 calories -- and 60 to 80 grams of sugar -- by downing just a few handfuls of wine gums.