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Strength Training Routine for Weight Loss

By Dustin Bogle ; Updated April 18, 2017

Strength training can be helpful addition to your workout routine if your trying to lose weight. Building lean muscle mass will boost your metabolism and change your body composition. By using different training techniques, you can shock your muscles and burn a large number of calories.


Strength training focuses on specific muscle groups, and the best way to lose weight is to allow little to no rest between exercises. Taking no rest will elevate your heart rate and burn a large number of calories. Increased muscle mass from strength training ultimately increases metabolism; weight loss is achievable when combined with strict dieting.


According to "Women'sHealth," lifting weights gives your body a metabolic peak for up to an hour after your session because your body is working extra hard to recover your muscles. You'll burn an extra 25 percent of calories during your strength training session. Strength training is beneficial for toning muscles, and keeping muscles big and strong. During strength training, blood rushes to your muscles, making them swell and appear more sculpted.


Bodyweight exercises are high intensity, which will help you lose weight. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats and crunches are bodyweight exercises you can perform at home or in the gym. A superset is performed when two exercises are performed in a row without stopping, notes Bodybuilding.com. Usually these two exercises will focus on the same muscle group, which builds lean muscle mass by overloading the muscle. For example, dumbbell shoulder presses followed by a dumbbell shoulder fly would be a superset.


When using strength routines for weight loss, mix cardio into your exercise routine. Performing weight-training exercises more than three days a week can cause muscle-related injuries, such as tears and other strain on the muscles. With cardio exercises, you can perform them daily without putting too much strain on your muscles. Alternating between cardio and strength training will give the best weight-loss results.

Expert Insight

For strength training, make sure you work on one to two muscle groups per session and alternate to other muscle groups during the next session. The average weight loss suggested is between 1 to 2 lbs. a week. Keeping to a strict diet, and eating your recommended daily calorie consumption is important. Eating foods high in protein and low in fat will give you the energy needed to get the best results out of your workouts.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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