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What to Look For

Hot water bottles are useful for warming up your bed on a cold night, or for soothing menstrual cramps and other aches and pains. Although you can still find metal and ceramic hot water bottles, it's generally preferable to use plastic or rubber bottles that are soft, flexible, and easy to curl up with. Odorless plastic is ideal if you want to avoid the strong smell of rubber, and it's best to use a seamless bottle because they are less likely to leak.

Common Pitfalls

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Older bottles are often made of thin rubber and should be replaced. Hot water burns can be a serious issue, so make sure your water bottle doesn't have any leaks before using it 2.

Where to Buy has over 200 hot water bottles, with smaller sizes for children and many different styles to choose from 2. If you just want to buy a simple, inexpensive hot water bottle, you can usually find them at your local pharmacy or department store 2. Another place to look is medical supply stores, such as Narang Medical Ltd.


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Cheap water bottles can be purchased at drugstores for $5 to $10. Higher-quality, leak-proof hot water bottles can cost up to $60. Separately sold covers generally cost between $5 and $35.

Comparison Shopping

The Fashy Transparent Plastic Classic Hot Water Bottle is made of odorless thermoplastic that holds heat better than the average rubber bottle, and retails for about $20 as of September 2010 2. If you're buying the bottle for a child, consider the Warm Whiskers Black & White Tuxedo Cat Therapy hot water bottle, which comes with a plush cover that turns the water bottle into a stuffed cat, and retails for about $34 as of September 2010 2.


If the bottle you have does not come with a cover, you can purchase them separately. They are available in all materials and styles, can help keep the water hot longer, and make the bottle more comfortable to hold 2. Amazon sells almost 50 covers made of cotton, wool, fleece, velour and satin.

Insider Tips

Never put boiling water into a water bottle--the water should be a temperature that won't cause serious burns if the bottle leaks 2. If you know you move around a lot while you sleep, do not keep the water bottle in bed with you because it can burst if you roll over onto it 2.