What Are the Standard Lengths for Callaway Golf Club Irons?

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Appropriately fitting yourself with golf clubs is crucial in maximizing your potential as a golfer. Callaway is one of golf's leading manufacturers of irons, played by the likes of Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. By knowing the standard lengths of your clubs, you can more intelligently decide if they fit correctly or what corrective measures you should take based on your height and swing style. John Paul Newport, golf columnist at The Wall Street Journal, suggests proper club fitting can benefit all golfers, regardless of handicap.

Long Irons

According to CallawayGolf.com, Callaway iron sets typically begin with the 3-iron, but some include a 2-iron or start at the 4. In Callaway's current lineup of clubs, the X-Forged series is the only one to carry the 2-iron, which is 39.5 inches long. The irons then decrease by a half-inch in succession. So the standard 3-iron is 39 inches and the 4-iron is 38.5 inches long in the same X-Forged set.

Middle Irons

Callaway's middle irons, as included in the popular X-22 series, continue in the same vein. Declining by a half-inch, the standard 5-iron is 38 inches, the 6-iron is 37.5 inches and the 7-iron is 37 inches.

Short Irons

The 8 and 9-irons in the X-22 set maintain the same length system. The 8-iron is a half-inch shorter than the 7 at 36.5 inches, while the 9-iron comes in at an even 36 inches.


Callaway makes an assortment of wedges to accompany your iron set. Callaway offers pitching, approach, sand and lob wedges, and their lengths are different from standard irons. Both the pitching and approach wedges are a half-inch shorter than the X-22's 9-iron at 35.5 inches. However, the next two wedges in the set, the sand wedge and lob wedge, are each a quarter-inch shorter at 35.25 inches and 35 inches long, respectively.

Other Callaway Sets

Not all Callaway iron sets fit this template. Check with your local retailer or golf professional for information regarding other sets.