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Interesting Weight Loss Facts

By Andrew Bennett ; Updated July 18, 2017

Weight loss takes a combination of many dietary, lifestyle and fitness strategies. Small changes make large impacts on your weight loss results. For example, some workout techniques boost metabolism several days afterward. You also can apply some interesting weight loss facts to your diet and exercise program to speed up fat burning and weight loss.


Understanding how the body responds to dietary and weight loss strategies allows you to achieve your fitness goals without starving yourself. For example, the simple act of eating breakfast statistically increases your chances of maintaining healthy body weight, according to "The Fat Burning Bible" by Mackie Shilstone. Moreover, those who eat breakfast experience less hunger throughout the day. Simple things like drinking water make a big difference for weight management over the space of months and years. Drinking more water naturally increases metabolic rate for more fat burning, says Jeff Anderson in "Combat the Fat."

Basic Strategies

Diet and exercise are two of the most basic strategies for weight loss, yet many people fail to achieve their goals while cutting calories and exercising. Training against resistance--weight lifting for example--boosts resting metabolic rate for 48 to 72 hours, according to "Xtreme Lean" authors Jonathan Lawson and Steve Holman. Using the negative-accentuated technique by lowering the weight on any exercise to a six-second count helps you achieve the higher end of the metabolic boost. In addition, eating smaller meals throughout the day or grazing decreases hunger, balances blood sugar, builds lean muscle, accelerates metabolism, controls cortisol levels and sustains high energy, according to "The Abs Diet" by David Zinczenko.

Advanced Strategies

More advanced strategies for weight management, such as controlled caloric increases and supplementation, might not be as self-evident to dieters. Dieting slows the metabolic rate because the body adapts to use fewer calories for its various functions. To counter this natural effect, you can briefly increase caloric intake for one meal every one to two weeks. According to Jeff Anderson, even eating twice as many calories one day per week has been shown to boost metabolic rate significantly. Combining green tea extract with 200 mg caffeine significantly boosts resting metabolic rate, says Jim Stoppani, PhD, in "Supplements 101." According to "Safely Burn Away Body Fat" by Julius Goepp, MD, in "Life Extension Magazine," fucoxanthin also elevates metabolic rate and induces white fat cells to act like brown fat cells by burning calories.


The benefits of applying these weight loss facts extend far beyond battling obesity. Eating frequent meals and doing resistance training workouts improve insulin sensitivity to fight off type 2 diabetes, according to Mackie Shilstone. Like eating breakfast, frequent meals also suppress production of the stress hormone cortisol, chronically high levels of which can cause muscle loss and metabolic syndrome, says Shawn Talbott in "The Cortisol Connection." Eating cheat meals gives you a break from the physical, mental and psychological stresses of dieting, while also boosting metabolic rate. Natural supplements like fucoxanthin and green tea contain healthy antioxidants that fight preventable illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

Expert Advice

Fitness experts Jonathan Lawson and Steve Holman recommend doing resistance training workouts three to five days per week to increase metabolic rate and build lean muscle. Anderson suggests adding 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise immediately after the weights workout. Both Zinczenko and Shilstone recommend taking in five to six smaller meals and snacks throughout the day, spaced two or three hours apart, with each containing some lean protein. Examples include low-fat dairy, whey, lean meats, and nuts and seeds. Drink eight 16 oz. glasses of water per day to elevate metabolic rate, says Anderson. Supplement with 200 mg of caffeine, green tea extract and 200 mg of fucoanthin up to three times daily, as recommended by both Goepp and Stoppani.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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