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How to Wear a Cup When Playing Football

By Brian Richards

Though many football organizations from pewee to the professional leagues do not require their players to wear protective cups, this piece of safety equipment may protect you from serious injury during play. Cups are designed to protect the male groin from high-velocity impact such as what may be experienced during a full-contact football game. While many athletes view protective cups as uncomfortable accessories, cup technology has advanced to make cups more comfortable. Only cups that are worn properly will provide protection.

  1. Put on an athletic supporter, also known as a jock strap. Make sure the supporter fits snugly and is sized appropriately for your waist.

  2. Select a cup that is appropriately sized. One that is too small will provide no protection. One that is too large will be uncomfortable and may shift during wear, reducing the protection it provides. A narrow cup, sometimes called a banana cup, is best for football.

  3. Slip the cup into the front of the athletic supporter with the widest end up. Move around to make sure the cup stays in the appropriate location. A cup that slips will be uncomfortable and may pinch a testicle, so it is important the cup is secure.

  4. Tip

    Wear your cup in advance of a football game such as during practice or drills to become accustomed to the feel. Wearing a cup during practice will also allow you to see if the cup moves or shifts during play, which will allow you to obtain an appropriately sized cup before a full contact game. Clean the cup after each use, as the cup can become a home to bacteria. Get over any embarrassment and ask a coach or employee of a fitness store for assistance in selecting a cup if you are having difficulty. Both can recommend an appropriate size or type for your needs.

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