What to Look For

When looking for the right Teva sandal for you, think about what you will be using it for 1. Is it just a sandal for the beach or pool? In that case, a basic flip flop like the Mush or Olowahu will be sufficient. If you plan to wear it for water hiking or rafting, a sandal like the Pretty Rugged 2, Tanza or Monsone may be a better option. Sandals that can be worn on light hiking jaunts in and out of the water include the Omnium, Itunda and Dozer; these have more toe protection and look more like shoes.

Common Pitfalls

Buying sandals based solely on your shoe size without trying on various sizes may lead to ill-fitting shoes. Sandals do not always fit the same as shoes and you may find that you need to go down or up a half size, depending on the strapping or the make of the sandal.

Where to Buy

Sporting goods stores like Dick's Sporting Goods sell the Teva Mush flip flops, along with various other models, but if you are looking for a wider range of Teva sandals, a store like REI would be a good place to buy them because they typically have a larger selection of styles specific to activities like rafting 1. The Teva website is a great place to buy the sandals, if you know how a style fits you and the size that you are in those sandals 1.


In 2010, the normal cost for Teva sandals ranges on REI.com and the Teva website from $15 for the basic Mush flip flops to $100 for the Itunda sandals, which look more like a shoe but are still a sandal 1. Typically toward the end of the summer, sales on Teva sandals occur, bringing prices down significantly 1.

Comparison Shopping

Teva sandals come with fabric straps and leather straps; while it is a personal choice as to which fabric to choose, thinking about the activities you will be doing in the shoes can help keep the shoe looking newer 1. If you think you might wear them in the water, then the Pretty Rugged Leather may not be the best option; the non-leather Pretty Rugged might be better suited for water activities. Some water-sport Tevas, like the Ultimate Thong SR, do not have a heel strap, which may decrease its stability, whereas the Hurricane 3 has a heel strap.


If you plan on wearing your Tevas for water sports, you might want to consider wearing a rash guard during your activities. A rash guard is similar to a form-fitting shirt but is made out of quick-drying fabric and usually has UV-protective qualities. Wearing a rash guard can help protect you from the sun, but also from scratches from branches and chafing on inner tubes or rafts.

Insider Tips

When not wearing your Teva sandals, putting dryer sheets in the shoes can help keep your sandals smelling nice without the wear and tear of repeated washings and dryings 1.