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What Will My Unborn Baby Look Like at 14 Weeks?

By Rose Welton ; Updated June 13, 2017

At 14 weeks into your pregnancy, you are just beginning your second trimester. Your unborn baby has functioning organs and muscles and has many of the features of a full-term baby, just on a smaller scale. He also has some physical characteristics that are either new or unique to this time in your pregnancy.


At 14 weeks, your unborn baby is about 3½ inches long. She also weighs 1½ ounces, which is a half-ounce increase since last week. According to Babycenter, her size can be compared to a lemon. She is growing at a steady and consistent rate.


Your baby’s brain impulses are causing him to make a variety of facial expressions. At 14 weeks, he is likely able to grimace, squint and frown. According to Babycenter, he may even be able to suck his thumb, which you might catch him doing if you have an ultrasound during this time.

Limbs and Body

At 14 weeks, your baby has a distinct neck connecting her head to her body. Her arms have developed so they are more proportionate with the rest of her body than in the first trimester. Her legs are not yet proportionate and need to grow longer, which occurs in the next several weeks.


At this stage, states that your baby’s gender is likely to be apparent. Whether you find out his gender depends on if you receive an ultrasound and the baby is positioned in a way that allows the ultrasound technician to determine the baby's gender.


Your baby is increasingly moving about at 14 weeks into your pregnancy. Although you cannot feel her movements yet, she is busy moving her hands and feet. You may be able to see some of these movements, such as waving or subtle kicking, during an ultrasound.

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