What Does an Unborn Baby Look Like at 15 Weeks?

At 15 weeks gestation, your unborn baby measures four inches long from crown to rump. Babycenter states that he also weighs about two and a half ounces. In addition to his small size, his looks are also characterized by some special developing features at this stage in his development.

Head and Face

At 15 weeks gestation, your unborn baby’s head makes up about half of her body. Her ears are in position and may be set low on the sides of her head. Her eyelids are fused closed, but she can still sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your belly, she may move away from the beam.


If you see your unborn baby with ultrasound technology during this time, you may notice that his legs are becoming longer than his arms. MayoClinic.com states that his skeletal system, which is developing his bones, may be visible in an ultrasound as well. He will begin making movements with his head, arms, hands, legs, feet and mouth, although you most likely will not be able to feel these movements for a few more weeks.


Although your unborn baby has many features that make her look like a baby, her skin is one of the major differences between her and a baby at birth. Kids Health states that at 15 weeks, your baby’s skin is developing and is thin and translucent. It is so transparent that you can see her blood vessels through it.


Your baby’s scalp hair pattern is developing at around 15 weeks, revealing his pattern of hair growth. The hair on his head may begin growing, and he will also have hair in areas such as his eyebrows.


By 15 weeks, your unborn baby’s genitals are developed 2. Your doctor or ultrasound technician may or may not be able to see the sex organs during an ultrasound to determine which gender your baby will be. This depends on your baby’s position and movement during the ultrasound.