Benefits of Fennel Seed for Male Enhancement

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Fennel seed, as well as fennel oil, is marketed as effective in assisting in natural male enhancement, according to Despite its use in male enhancement, no clinical studies exist supporting the effectiveness of fennel seed in these these types of products.

Natural Remedy

The fact that fennel seed is a natural product is considered a primary benefit in a male enhancement product. Ancient Greek, Indian, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations used fennel seed widely, as a seasoning, preservative and to resolve a variety of ailments, according to

As a natural product, some argue that the side effects associated with fennel seed are limited. Nonetheless, in limited situations some individuals do experience adverse but non-life threatening reactions to products containing fennel seed. These include contact dermatitis and seizures, in rare cases.

Choice of Applications

Due to its versatility, the benefits of fennel seed for male enhancement include a choice of applications or delivery. Male enhancement products containing fennel seed come in liquid, tablet and cream forms. Depending on the preference of the man interested in taking advantage of a male enhancement product, he can select from either an oral or topical approach. Indeed, should a man be so inclined, he theoretically can combine both an oral and topical male enhancement regimen containing fennel seed.


Included on the list of benefits is the belief that male enhancement products containing fennel seed are reasonably priced. Because of the ready supply of fennel and its derivatives--seed and oil--the production of male enhancement products containing these ingredients is undertaken at a lower cost than is the case with other products, according to Due to the fact that a man must use this type of male enhancer regularly and indefinitely, accessing a less costly product proves to be an important benefit in the short and the long term.

Less Invasive

An alternative to using a natural male enhancement product containing fennel seed is surgery, according to A benefit of a fennel seed male enhancement product is that it is non-invasive and allows a user to avoid the risks associated with any type of surgical procedure.