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Meal Plans With Grocery Lists

By Eliza Martinez

Many people find that making a weekly menu with a corresponding grocery list helps them stick to healthy eating and save money at the same time. Having a list when heading to the store helps you get in and out more quickly, and it can help you avoid impulse buys and items you don't need. Many meal plans are available with grocery lists added to make cooking at home easy.

Meals 4 Moms

Meals 4 Moms is a program that helps a busy mom, or anyone else, plan meals and make grocery lists. This online program offers a new dinner menu each week that includes recipes as well as a printable shopping list. The site offers several different meal plan options, such as a gluten-free menu, a menu for busy families and a menu for people who are on a budget. Each option has a different price. For example, the busy families menu is $7.95 per month, and the budget menu is $5 per month, as of August 2010.

Plan to Eat

The Plan to Eat program offers meal planning with grocery lists, and you can import recipes you use a lot or you enjoy and drag the recipes you want to use into the menu. The program also gives nutritional information on the meals you choose. The Plan to Eat online program automatically converts all the ingredients into a sorted grocery list, and the site has an application for mobile phones. The site offers a free 30-day trial and then costs $4.95 per month or $39 per year, as of August 2010.

Dine Without Whine

A mother who wanted to share information on healthy, quick meals created the Dine Without Whine program. The program focuses on fast and healthy meals that kids will eat and that parents will also like. Users get a weekly menu with categorized grocery list that includes dinners, side dishes, dessert ideas and brunch recipes. A trial of Dine Without Whine costs only 1 cent and then is $6.95 a month, as of August 2010.

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