Many pressure points exist in the wrist area, according to Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory 23. Some can be useful for decreasing pain, while others are useful for alleviating symptoms associated with disorders of specific organs. Be sure to discuss your symptoms with a physician as well as a licensed Chinese acupuncturist or someone certified in acupressure massage before undergoing pressure point therapy.

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Lung Point 8

According to "A Manual of Acupuncture, lung 8 is located on the underside of the wrist 23. Turn your right hand so that the palm faces up and locate the crease of the wrist. Find the depression between the radius, or the bone on the right side, and the outermost tendon.

About one inch from the wrist crease, in the direction of the elbow, lies lung 8. According to, it is useful for treating cough, asthma, chest pain, sore throat and wrist pain 23.

Lung Point 9

This point lies along the same line as lung 8, so follow the same steps to find lung 8. However, lung 9 is located directly on the wrist crease, according to "A Manual of Acupuncture." states that it is useful for treating cough with phlegm, headache, wrist pain and hiccups 123.

Large Intestine Point 5

Another energy channel, or meridian, that has a wrist point is the large intestine channel. Point 5 on this channel is effective for reducing pain or weakness of the wrist, as well as cough, agitation, toothaches and headaches, according to "A Manual of Acupuncture." Your practitioner may locate this point by having you spread all five fingers, palm facing down. There are two tendons that should stand out at the base of your thumb, creating a depression. Large intestine 5 is located in that depression, states 45.

Heart Point 7

On the underside of the wrist, locate lung 9 in the wrist crease. Follow the wrist crease to the other side of the wrist to the depression between the ulna bone and the outermost tendon. Heart 7 lies in this depression and can be pressed for insomnia, heart pain, palpitations, and painful throat, according to "A Manual of Acupuncture."

Small Intestine Point 6

Both "A Manual of Acupuncture" and state that the practitioner may ask you to place your palm on your chest to locate this point 123. It is on the dorsal, or top, part of the wrist on the protrusion of the ulna, which is the round knob located near the outside of your wrist. With your palm facing down, the practitioner will place his finger on that protrusion of bone, then ask you to place your palm on your chest.

This motion deviates the ulna, and a slight depression is formed, which is where small intestine 6 is located 5. It is indicated for pain of the shoulder and arm, and is also used for eye pain and dimness of vision.

San Jiao Point 4

The Sanjiao, or triple heater channel, contains a point that is useful for swelling and pain of the neck, arm, and wrist; deafness; and dry mouth, according to 45. "A Manual of Acupuncture" states that its location is on the topside of the wrist 23. Your practitioner may ask you to extend all your fingers and your wrist to locate the point more easily. It is found in the depression level with the wrist joint in between the fourth and fifth finger bones.