Free Things for Expecting Mothers

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Babies are expensive. So is being pregnant and taking good care of yourself and your child. If money is an issue, the good news is that free help is available from both the government and private companies. Aside from looking for free stuff, also start thinking of ways you can cut down on expenses, which may mean shopping for baby products in advance or whenever discounts come up.

Free Medical Care

Every state in the US has free or reduced-cost prenatal care available for expecting mothers. Your local Health Department should be able to direct you to the nearest clinic or hospital offering free care, or you can visit the site or call 1-800-994-9662 for more information. The Medical Assistance/Medicaid program or the child welfare program run by your state are two other options for free medical care. Programs offered for free vary by state but can include such things as health care during pregnancy and labor, support groups, financial assistance programs, help with addiction, and support if you decide to give up your baby for adoption or are a surrogate mother.

Free Sample Products

A number of organizations and companies offer free sample products, pregnancy packs and free sets just for the asking. New offers appear all the time, so it’s important that you choose a few websites you like and then check them often to see what’s available. A good option is Babies Online, which has been running since 1997. Offers found on the website include diaper samples and coupons for formula. Babies Online also gives you your own webpage, so you can start a blog about your baby, record milestones, keep a journal or upload photos and videos.

Another long-running website offering free stuff for expectant mothers is Pudgy Bunny. There you’ll find everything from sample products, newsletters, magazines, books, stickers and pregnancy journals, to welcome packages from Enfamil, Lego or Pampers. Another option is Free Gifts 4 Kids, where you sign up once and then receive baby stuff, products and coupons from major companies as they become available.

Free Publications

Baby Talk Magazine and American Baby Magazine offer a free subscription to expectant mothers just for the asking. You can search for the magazines online or visit Babies Online to access a free subscription coupon. The National Institutes of Health offers a number of free publications, brochures and booklets for expectant and new mothers. Topics cover everything from gestational diabetes and other pregnancy-related health issues to tips on good nutrition and getting your baby to sleep.