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The Effects of Ampalaya

By Adam Fonseca ; Updated July 18, 2017

Widely available in most local supermarkets and drug stores, the herbal supplement ampalaya is used for the treatment of minor health ailments. You can find the herbal supplement in the form of pills, powders, and even liquid extracts. The effects of ampalaya are many, and although there are no major side effects documented, you should first check with a medical professional before adding the herb into your daily diet regimen.

Female Effects

Native to the Philippines, herbal ampalaya is derived from a plant bearing the same name and has been used in many countries as an alternative medicine supplement, especially for the treatment of female health disorders, according to According to the website, the herbal supplement has been known to help treat infertility in females. Additionally, ampalaya can also be used as a means to combat parasites in the body due to its parasiticide qualities. When taken in large dosages and in pure form, the website suggests ampalaya can even serve as an abortive agent for females wishing to terminate pregnancy. Further research needs to be conducted to substantiate these claims, as there are no peer-reviewed documented cases to support these effects as of this writing.

Immune System Boost

Another effect that ampalaya has on users involves the herb’s ability to boost immune system functionality. According to the website, the supplement can serve as a healing agent for many threats to the immune system, including parasite infection and bacterial infections in the digestive system. Due to the herb’s natural antioxidant ingredients, ampalaya can also be used to help rid the body of harmful free radicals that can cause additional health disorders or conditions. Furthermore, ampalaya has also been known to help prevent certain types of cancer, as the website suggests.

Additional Effects

In terms of medical uses, herbal ampalaya as a supplement features many different effects on the human body that can help cure or treat minor health ailments. According to an article published on the Bureau of Plant Industry, a Filipino government website focused on the treatment and production of plant supplements, ampalaya can also be used for the treatment of diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, warts and stomach disorders like ulcers. Referred to as Momordica charantia in the scientific community, ampalaya can also be used as a laxative for infants or as a fever reducer in young children, according to the article.

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