What Are the Health Benefits of Gohyah Tea?

Gohyah, sometimes spelled "goya" and also called bitter melon, has health-boosting properties that could help prevent chronic diseases. It is eaten as a food in Asia, and gohyah tea has been used traditionally as a natural medicine for diabetes, cancer and infections. Drinking gohyah tea could be helpful for people at risk of obesity and related diseases. Gohyah tea may be unsafe if you are hypoglycemic or taking medications, so consult with your doctor before regularly brewing this tea.

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Helps Prevent Obesity and Related Diseases

According to a study published in 2010 in "BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine," gohyah breaks down fatty acids and triglycerides so that your body metabolizes them instead of storing them as fat cells. The study concluded that gohyah may potentially help in weight-loss efforts. A study published in the "Cardiovascular Journal of South Africa" in 2006 found that gohyah lowers glucose levels and blood pressure in type-2 diabetes patients. Regular gohyah tea consumption could possibly prevent type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Antioxidant Content and Cancer Prevention

Gohyah tea is rich in antioxidants that can protect you from the oxidation stress that causes aging. A study published in 2005 in "Phytotherapy Research" found that boiled gohyah has more antioxidant properties than raw gohyah, so consuming gohyah as tea is more beneficial. The American Association for Cancer Research reports gohyah extract can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells and even kill them. The scientists concluded gohyah has breast cancer preventative effects but were unsure about its effectiveness in treating cancer.