Healthy Meal Plan for a Week

Healthy eating is simple. Enjoy a variety of nutrient-dense foods from all of the food groups, says the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 1. A simple way to ensure a diverse, nutritious diet is to use the U.S. Department of Agriculture MyPlate graphic. Mentally divide your plate into quarters. Fill one quarter with lean protein, one quarter with whole-grain carbohydrates and the remaining half with produce. Drink a glass of low-fat milk too. Plan ahead so that you'll make good choices at breakfast, lunch and dinner all week.


Because Monday is the start of the work and school week, a person should keep meals simple to stay on track. For breakfast, whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk and a banana is a great choice. For lunch, a person should consider a turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread with an apple, carrot sticks and low-fat yogurt. For dinner, chicken stir-fry made with low-sodium soy sauce and frozen vegetables served with brown rice is a healthy option.


Buy fresh fruits in season because they will be less expensive and more flavorful. For breakfast, eating a whole-wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese and orange juice will give anyone energy for his day. For lunch, vegetable soup with whole-grain crackers and low-fat cheese with grapes will make him feel good about his choice. For dinner, whole-wheat pasta with turkey meatballs and a tossed salad with low-fat salad dressing is a fantastic way to reward himself for eating well.


If the ingredients of an item are difficult to pronounce, the food item may not be a healthy choice, says For breakfast, low-fat cottage cheese with sliced peaches and whole-wheat toast with margarine is a healthy start to the day. For lunch, vegetable pizza from the local pizzeria with fresh fruit salad, may be a flavorful alternative to what someone may be accustomed. For dinner, grilled salmon with roasted potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts will change anyone's mind about leafy green veggies.


Frozen vegetables are a great substitute for fresh and they heat up quickly in the microwave. For breakfast, oatmeal with raisins, pecans and brown sugar with low-fat milk is a fiber- and iron-rich alternative to sugary cereal. For lunch, a whole-wheat pita with hummus, lettuce and tomato, low-fat yogurt and fresh strawberries are healthy choices. For dinner, meatloaf made with lean ground beef, green beans and mashed sweet potatoes is a tasty take on this American classic.


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says a person should shop the four corners of the grocery store: produce aisle for fruits and vegetables, bakery for whole grains, meat department for lean proteins and dairy case for low-fat milk. For breakfast, a boiled egg with two slices of whole-wheat toast and a glass of low-fat milk will start anyone out on the right foot. For lunch, a person should try a tuna sandwich made with low-fat mayonnaise on whole-wheat bread, topped with sliced cucumbers, and a fresh apple. For dinner, a bean burrito on a whole-wheat tortilla with low-fat cheddar cheese and salsa, brown rice, and a tossed salad with low-fat salad dressing is a delicious way to end the day.


Lean cuts of beef include top loin, top sirloin, round steaks and roasts and chuck shoulder. For breakfast, whole-wheat pancakes with real maple syrup, sliced bananas and low-fat milk is tasty treat. For lunch, grilled chicken salad with dried cranberries, walnuts and low-fat salad dressing, whole-wheat pita bread and low-fat yogurt is protein- and antioxidant-packed. For dinner, grilled top sirloin, corn on the cob, roasted bell peppers and baked french fries is a satisfying meal.


A person should eat in moderation what he likes from all the food groups and not overdo it on any one food, says 1. For brunch, an omelet with ham and cheese, fresh cantaloupe, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, whole-wheat English muffin and hash browns is a buffet that won't leave a person wanting. For dinner, chicken parmesan with whole-wheat spaghetti and steamed broccoli is a great way to end the week.