Belara (ethinyl estradiol) is a prescription contraceptive medication indicated to prevent pregnancy in women 12. This medication is administered orally and is only marketed outside of the United States, explains, a peer-reviewed drug information website for consumers. Before beginning this form of contraception, Belara side effects should be discussed with a doctor or pharmacist 1.

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Stomach Upset

Treatment with Belara can cause stomach upset side effects in some women 1. Stomach upset symptoms can include nausea or vomiting, which can be uncomfortable. These side effects are generally mild and progressively subside during the first three months of treatment with Belara 1.

Breast Tenderness

Women taking Belara can experience mild to moderate breast tenderness as a side effect of treatment, according to 1. During treatment with this medication, the breast tissue can swell, causing the breasts to feel full or more sensitive than usual. These side effects of Belara are temporary and will progressively subside with continued use of this contraceptive 1.

Irregular Vaginal Bleeding

Belara can cause irregular vaginal bleeding to occur in some women as a side effect of this contraceptive 1. Menstrual period bleeding may be lighter than usual and may disappear completely with continued use of this form of contraception. Unusual vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods can also occur but typically subsides after several months of Belara treatment 1.

Headache, Dizziness or Fatigue

Side effects of headache, dizziness or fatigue can occur in some women taking Belara, explains 12. Painful headache symptoms are typically mild but can reoccur after taking each dose of this contraceptive. Patients who develop unusual dizziness or fatigue may also experience difficulty remaining alert and focused while at work or school. If these side effects become severe, contact a doctor for further information and care.

Mood Alterations

Women taking Belara can experience atypical mood alterations as a side effect of treatment 1. Anxiety, nervousness, irritability, depression or unusual mood cycling can occur in certain women taking Belara, warn health professionals at 1. These side effects can have a negative impact on social life, work, school or intimate relationships and should be immediately discussed with a primary care physician if they occur.

Skin Reactions

During treatment with Belara, women can experience skin reactions as a side effect, explains 1. Skin discoloration, acne, hair loss or unusual hair growth have been reported as side effects of this form of contraception. If these side effects do not resolve during the first three months of treatment, a doctor should be contacted for additional guidance and care.