Can You Reduce the Size of Your Cheeks and Chin with Exercise?

Chubby cheeks are endearing on children, but if you aren't happy with the size of your cheeks and chin, it's often possible to transform your appearance naturally. Don't waste time trying to find a facial exercise that burns just your cheek and chin fat; it's impossible to choose the fat you want to burn. Instead, start to burn your overall body fat through exercise and you'll see a decrease in the fat on your face.

Say Goodbye to Chubby Cheeks

Your body loses fat when its caloric expenditure exceeds its caloric intake. You can reach this deficit by cutting back on your intake of calories while developing a weight-loss workout routine. This routine should include 150 minutes of vigorous exercises such as swimming laps or 300 minutes of moderate exercises such as walking every week. Additionally, make time for two or more sessions of resistance-training activities with free weights, weight machines or by using your body as resistance. As you maintain a caloric deficit and begin to burn fat, you'll notice a decrease in the size of several parts of your body, including your cheeks and chin. The University of Rochester Medical Center notes that people who exercise often experience healthier-looking skin, which can make your workout routine doubly beneficial as you age 5.