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You Won't Believe These States' Most Popular Foods and Activities

By Hillary Eaton ; Updated February 15, 2017

While we live in the United States of America, each state has its own personality and unique attributes — from regional foods to recreational activities to historic landmarks. And now, thanks to a new study conducted via Twitter, we can see just how different (and sometimes similar) each state’s population is when choosing what they eat and how they spend their time. Spoiler alert: We’re a surprisingly unhealthy country.

According to Tonic, researchers compiled data by searching through endless numbers of tweets for mentions of food and physical activity. They then took those numbers and compiled a state-by-state list of the most-consumed foods and top forms of calorie burning.

Overall, Colorado was the most balanced as a state nutrition-wise with noodles being the most commonly consumed food and running the most popular form of calorie-burning exercise. Texas on the other hand proved to be among the most unbalanced. The most commonly consumed food was doughnuts, and the top way to burn calories expenditure was — we’re not making this up — eating. Oh, Texas.

For the most part, states on the coasts tended to be healthier. In California, the top food was tomatoes (though we’d have thought it was avocados to fuel that avo-toast obsession). Oregon also eats healthy, with green beans being the top of the list; East Coast states like Maine and Massachusetts are staying healthy by eating lots of seafood like lobster and crab.

It’s the middle of the country that falls on the unhealthier side. Take South Dakota or Arkansas: The top consumed foods were cookies and chocolate candy, respectively. The top activities? Watching TV and eating.

Perhaps the most shocking fact of all is that the majority of Americans aren’t doing much in the way of exercise to burn calories. The majority of people surveyed said they spend their time watching TV, sitting and eating.

Tonic reports that the researchers of this study do, however, understand that the report has limitations. “Tracking tweets about food and activity leaves out all kinds of other important details that make up an accurate picture of state health,” said lead researcher Peter Dodds. Nevertheless, Dodds and his team believe that using their findings, in tandem with other assessments, accurately show a population’s level of overall wellness.

So if you’re considering trying to make a go of getting healthy, maybe a move to Colorado or the coasts could be the ticket.

What Do YOU Think?

Is your state’s statistics an accurate portrayal of your lifestyle? What state’s activities and food is the most surprising? Would you consider moving for a healthier lifestyle?

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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