The Calories in Plantains

Balancing your calories plays a central role in maintaining a healthy weight. Becoming familiar with the amount of calories in common foods you eat regularly enables you to monitor your daily intake. Plantains, which are a member of the banana family, are a starchy fruit that you can enjoy at various stages of ripeness. Plantains contain significant amounts of vitamin A and potassium. Because of its starch content, a plantain contains more calories than most other fruits.

Enjoying Plantains

The number of calories a plantain contains depends on how you eat it. You can enjoy ripe plantains in their raw state, while unripe plantains are typically cooked. Unripe plantains are green in color and go well with savory dishes. As the plantain ripens, it takes on a yellow color, and the taste becomes sweeter. One cup of raw plantain contains 181 calories, while 1 cup of fried plantains contains 365 calories. Try boiling or baking if you're worried about the number of calories. If you're having plantains as a snack, eat a one-half cup serving.